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Dr. Brown and Dr. Wilson have extensive experience in endourology for the treatment of kidney stones in patients from La Mesa, CA, and throughout the San Diego area, offering the safest and most effective techniques to relieve symptoms and preserve kidney health without the need for more invasive procedures. Book and appointment today at San Diego Urology Associates.

Endourology Q & A

What is endourology?

Endourology is a highly specialized area of urology that focuses on the removal of kidney stones which can't be eliminated naturally through urination. Endourology uses an array of minimally-invasive surgical techniques that primarily focus on using the body's natural channels, like the urethra and ureter, to locate stones and remove them. Endourologists can also help determine the cause of stone formation to help prevent future formation of stones.

What techniques are used in endourology?

Today's endourology techniques use minimally-invasive approaches for faster recovery and healing, and include several basic minimally-invasive endoscopic procedures:

  • urethroscopy uses special flexible instruments to treat and remove blockages inside the urethra (the opening that expels urine from the body)
  • cytoscopy treats stones as well as tumors inside the bladder and bladder lining
  • ureteroscopy treats stones inside the ureters, the tubes leading from the kidneys to the bladder
  • nephroscopy uses special techniques to treat stones as well as tumors in the kidneys and the kidney lining

Once the instruments, or endoscopes, have accessed the stone, it may be broken apart if needed using a technique called extracorporeal shockwave therapy, which uses tiny “shocks” to break apart stones so the tiny fragments can be more easily removed.

What is my stones are too large to be removed endoscopically?

When large stones are present which cannot be removed through these endoscopic techniques, percutaneous (through the skin) techniques may be used to remove the stones through very small incisions through the skin and into the kidney.

How can I tell which technique is right for me?

The technique used in your procedure will depend on a complete evaluation of your stone and your anatomy, including diagnostic imaging to determine the stone's location and its size, so the safest and most appropriate approach can be used.

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