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At their practice in La Mesa, CA, Dr. Brown and Dr. Wilson of San Diego Urology Associates use the safest and most advanced techniques for vasectomy in patients from throughout the San Diego area, providing effective family planning services for single men and couples.

Vasectomy Q & A

How is a vasectomy performed?

Vasectomy is a very common procedure that's performed as an outpatient procedure, so you can go home soon after your procedure has been completed. Vasectomies are performed using a local anesthetic and sedation so you can relax and “doze” while the procedure is being performed. Once the upper portion of the scrotum has been numbed, a small puncture or incision is made and the vas deferens – the tubes that transport sperm to the urethra – are severed and sealed using heat or clips or by tying them off. The incision is closed an you'll be taken to a recovery area for a brief period of time. The procedure itself takes about 20 minutes to perform.

How will I feel after the procedure?

During recovery, you may have some mild discomfort and swelling in the treatment site as well as minor bruising, all of which will resolve within a few days. You'll be given complete instructions on how to care for the area during recovery, but in general, you'll:

  • wear a special support for about two days after surgery
  • use ice packs as needed to reduce discomfort and swelling
  • rest for a day after your procedure and avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activity for about a week
  • avoid bathing or swimming for 24 hours
  • avoid any type of sexual activity for a week to allow the area to heal and avoid bleeding

You'll also need to use another form of birth control until your follow-up visit confirms no sperm is being ejaculated.

Will my vasectomy interfere with my sexual desire or ability?

No, a vasectomy has no bearing on your ability to perform sexually, your ability to ejaculate or your sexual desire. Some couples find sex more pleasurable once the worry of unplanned pregnancy is removed.

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